De Gullah Nyew Testament

The Bible Available in Gullah!

De Nyew Testament is now available in Gullah! It is published by the American Bible Society.

The following is a sample from John 13:34-35...

An now A da gii oona a nyew chaage. Oona fa lob one noda. Same fashion A done lob oona, same fashion oona fa lob one noda. Ef oona da lob one noda, ebrybody gwine know dat oona me ciple dem.

This Gullah translation of the New Testament of the Bible was in production for 26 years and finally, after all the translating, editing, checking, typesetting and printing, it has now been released to the public. There was a launching of the Gullah New Testament at the Heritage Days Festival on St. Helena Island, SC, November 12, 2005. Copies of the Gullah New Testament are now available at the Penn Center and the JAARS Center and through bookstores in the lowcountry, and through or For telephone orders, call 1-800-32-BIBLE (1-800-322-4253).

left: sample page from the Gullah Nyew Testament

"Fa de fus time, God taak to me de way I taak."

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(Note: the download may be called Sea Island Creole.)

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